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Sanity Check Social Media Initiative

2016-06-22 00:57:25 by Rocketlex

Hi!  I'm very glad you all enjoyed Sanity Check: Chapter 1, and you're probably all waiting for updates on the next chapter.  Well, Sanity Check now has a Twitter feed, hosted by everyone's favorite demon lady.  She'll be giving you updates on the next chapter, cheats and hints for the first chapter, as well as her own random musings.  (She has a lot of those.)

Give it a follow!  She'd love the attention, and YOU will appreciate the informative and entertaining content!

Thanks for all your support,



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2016-10-22 01:51:32

the game was awesome and i don't have a twitter so i came here to check if i could comment something and i just found this message, so, yeah, that, i saw in your twitter that the last update was like month ago, please tell me you are still working on the game, cause i freaking loved it....just that, amaizing game really